Cop Brings A Knife To A Gunfight…

… and saves a girl’s life from a girl who brought a knife to a petty argument. Police save lives. Protect others by encouraging a precedent where police can do their jobs. It’s not always as clean as we’d like. But if police are afraid to remove a threat who may harm or kill innocent lives because of petty politics, then the police will either quit the force. Worse, when the police arrive at the scene of a crime, they may hesitate to act which could result in more harm done, or both an innocent person could be killed and even the police officer. People often forget these officers are human too, who want to go home to their families and keep us safe.

If you haven’t heard already. At 4:35 pm the Police were called about an attempted stabbing occurring at 3100 block of Legion Lane, just north of Chatterton Road. When the officer arrived there was a 16-year-old girl wield a knife with lethal intent. She pinned her would-be victim up against a car and was about to stab her. With minimal time to respond, the police officer yells for her to drop the knife. Unfortunately, she didn’t listen. Forcing him to draw his weapon and shoot her multiple times to neutralize the threat. The perpetrator was pronounced dead at 5:21 pm in the hospital.

If the officer had been closer he may have been able to use a less deadly force, but with such little time to act, he would have risked letting the perpetrator kill their potential victim. The bodycam footage was released to try and help explain to the public what really happened but nonetheless, riots began.



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