This is Beatsaber

I stand here in this vast abyss, it’s dark with large pillars far to my left and right. I hold up my hands to find myself holding a red lightsaber in my left and a blue lightsaber in my right. Lights begin to wave ahead of me and the music begins to play. It grows louder and the beat begins to ripple through my ears and into my hands as a few cubes lined with red and blue come flying my way. White arrows on their sides. I strike a battle stance and I begin to slash them into pieces as they approach me. A laser wall slides toward my left so I dodge to my right. Another flies as me leaving only small a gap near the ground so I squat down to avoid the laser of death. The musical cubes come at me some more until the music halts. Some black bombs fly through the air next as I maneuver my lightsabers to avoid the bombs. Finally, the beat drops, and the red and blue cubes come flying at me with haste. I wield my lightsabers with speed as I slash them up. After a few minutes, the music fades and the cubes come to a stop coming. I’m left alone in the dark abyss — This is Beatsaber.

To better clarify how the game works. In Beatsaber you choose a song and a difficulty. The difficulties are, Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Expert +. Expert + is a significant jump, it can be demanding for even the best BeatSaber players. Once you hit play you are put into a dark abyss and the music starts. Then the cubes will start to fly at you. There is an arrow indicating which side of the cube you need to hit if there isn’t an arrow, then there will be a dot in the center of the cube which means you can hit the cube however you want. Cubes will be either red or blue, you must hit the cubes with the matching color lightsaber. Next, there are bombs and laser walls. The laser walls drain your health if your head is within the laser wall. Bombs, however, don’t hit your head but hit your lightsabers instead. Lastly, your health goes down every time you miss a cube, hit a bomb, or it drains steadily while in a laser wall. You get health back for hitting cubes correctly but not as much as you’d lose if you miss one.

Despite having a shooting game, social games, and several mini-games for my VR rig. I have put more time into BeatSaber than any other game. This is the next generation of Guitar Hero, but better. The game does not come with a lot of songs and the songs it does come with pretty much all suck. But luckily we have a dedicated modding community that is constantly adding features and patching their mods each time the BeatSaber developers patch out the last set of mods. I have about 200 songs added along with a load of features that are only available through mods. Thanks to the mods, the game is an endless joy that I could play in short bursts every day or if I need a shower that night I might play it for a few hours since I need to shower anyway. I usually sweat through a shirt or two because I am constantly trying to do harder and harder songs, pushing myself to the point where my arms and legs have endured a good workout. A nice feature added by the mods is the ability to change the speed of a song. Making it easier for practicing, or harder if the max difficulty is no longer challenging.

If you plan on getting Beatsaber then you better prepare to show a little extra effort into modding it or you will run out of content to play and worse of all, you won’t get to play the game to your favorite songs. Most other features are fun and all but they aren’t as crucial as adding custom songs. Lastly, BeatSaber is fun for everyone, it’s easy to learn and difficult to master. Everyone gets into it partying to the music while they watch one another slice up the colored cubes. Until next time, don’t die and if you do, respawn close to home.




Life Advice | Self-Improvement | Gaming | Short Stories

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Tannar Thompson

Tannar Thompson

Life Advice | Self-Improvement | Gaming | Short Stories

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